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Why Choose a Business Line of Credit?

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A business line of credit is a versatile financing tool that combines the best aspects of traditional loans and business credit cards. It offers the flexibility to access funds as needed, without the constraints or costs associated with other financing options. A business line of credit can be your secret weapon to navigate unforeseen cash flow challenges or seize unexpected opportunities.

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Understanding a Business Line of Credit

An unsecured business line of credit operates similarly to a business credit card. You have a credit line from which you can draw funds at any time. If you’re carrying a balance, you’ll have a minimum payment. You only pay interest on the portions that you borrow. And when you pay off a part of your balance on time, that money becomes available again. This is because most business lines of credit are technically called “revolving” lines of credit.

Once you borrow funds from your business line of credit, you must pay interest and have a minimum payment. Depending on the lender, your first payment could be due the following week or at the end of the month. If you repay what you borrowed on time, your business line of credit replenishes. For example, if your monthly payment is $200, and your interest is $10. If you paid back $200, your credit line would go back up by $190. Your interest rate depends on how quickly you pay off your total balance.

With a business line of credit, you only have minimum payments when you use the money. It’s the perfect solution for unexpected misfortunes or opportunities. These things happen all the time in the business world, and every company will eventually need extra cash. A business line of credit goes into your back pocket and stays there.

Business lines of credit have become increasingly accessible. However, these products tend to have higher interest rates. And you might not be able to access more than $1,000,000. A traditional business lender may offer lower rates and higher borrowing limits in exchange for steeper requirements.

Approved businesses generally meet the following criteria:

  • Annual Revenue: $120K+
  • Credit Score: 600+
  • Time in Business: 6 months+

Eligible small businesses must be in business for at least six months and have a minimum credit score of 600. You must also prove that your company is currently earning a profit. If approved, you can get funded in 1-3 business days.

If your application gets declined, it might be because a business line of credit isn’t the right tool for your financing needs. In this case, we might recommend other loan options. Another possibility is that you were declined due to poor personal credit scores. If so, you should consider our credit repair services.

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